How to Play Videos/Movies on DVD with USB Playback

I have a LG DVD player with USB slot which support Video Playback , however it does not support mp4, flv and AVI videos which I downloaded from Internet. So, to solve this problem I searched the DVD specification to identify what type of video format I need to use in order to play those videos.

By looking at the technical specification, the LG DVD I have support following video formats.


Which one to choose?, since conversion of a movies could take more than 2 hours, I decided to look for more information. The specs, they also metion "while USB 2.0 Plus allows you to play back any JPEG, MP3 or DivX file stored on a USB memory device". So, thats it, I convert the file into DIVX format and it works!

1. Download the Divx converter here:
2. Upon installation it would ask for registration and serial no, just skip it and use the free version.
3. Add the file and convert your file to mp4. remember to use mp3 for the audio.

Now you can play the movies/videos on your DVD using the USB Playback.


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