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Easiest Trick to Add Space Before Text in Excel

The trick is to combine space character with the cell that you want to add space in front of it. To accomplish this simply use this formula:

Type this formula in new cell:

=" "&A1

Note: " " is space, and A1 is the cell you want to add space in front of it.
Change the A1 with the cell you want to add the space.

2. Now just drag to apply the formula across the column.
3. The new value still a formula, so just copy and paste it as value.

Fix Print Error: undefinedresult Offending Command: xshow

How to fix it in 6 steps: 1. From the Finder, select Go > Go to Folder... 2. In the dialog box, enter: /etc/cups/ppd 3. In the folder that opens, you should see a .ppd file with the name of your printer -- open it in TextEdit (you can do this by dragging the file onto the TextEdit app) 4. Look for the line *TTRasterizer: Type42 5. Change "Type42" to "None" 6. Then Save (you may need to enter an Admin password)

Unlock Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential