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USB Device not recognize in Windows 7/8 - Ipod

If you get an error "usb device not recognized" in Windows 8 or Windows 7. This problem happen because Windows could not install the Ipod driver properly.  So the solution is to reset the Ipod and put it back on your PC computer's USB slot. Here is how you can fix it:

1. Shut Down your Computer or Laptop.
2. Then plug ipod into the usb. slot
3. Now we need to reset the Ipod (it will not erase anything on your Ipod, don't worry). To reset move the hold button (on top of the ipod) once to hold then back to original position.
4. Then press and hold the center button and the top menu button at the same time for 6 seconds. 
5. Turn on your computer and it should automatically detect and install the ipod automatically.

Install Ubuntu on Windows 8/8.1 with UEFI

If you own a laptop with UEFI (normally Windows 8 pre-installed PC), you can natively install Ubuntu and Dual Boot ith your current Windows 8/8.1 by using the steps below.

This tutorial is base on what I did with my Acer Aspire E 15 series.

1. Create a new disk space for ubuntu installation.
You can do this by open Disk management and shrink volume to create a new unpartitioned space (Free Space). I recommend 30GB.

2. Turn off Fast Startup
Go to control panel - hardware and sound - power options, the select change what power button does on the left panel. Turn off the fast startup bu uncheck the box.

3. Restart with advance setting. Press restart and hold the shift button on your keyboard. Select troublshoot and advance option. Now select UEFI Firmware setting.

4. Change UEFI Setting
To enter UEFI setting, press F2 upon boot - for model other than Acer the key might be DEL, ESC or F12.

Now make the following changes.

A -- (Only for acer) set a password for your BIOS so the option to d…

YES Unlimited Broadband - No Quota

Yes introduce the YES Unlimited FIZ Service Plan. So here what you need to know about this plan:

1. It is a Wireless Connection means no wire or cable needed like fiber optic Internet or Streamyx packages. Just Plug and play.

2. Maximum Download Speed 1Mbps and Max upload speed is 384kbps.

3. Fixed IP adress means you can't use it outside your registered address. Example, If you are using it in Johor and want to move to Kedah, you are required to inform Yes Care at 018-333 0000 on the change of address.

4. Currently the Quota is unlimited, but YES already amke tis clear on FIZ Unlimited FAQ:

At the moment, this plan comes with unlimited data. However, Yes reserves the rights to cap the data quota at 30 GB with prior notice to subscribers.  5.  No P2P, means no torrent and no voice call.
6. Contract 2 years. termination before the contract period end will be charges.
7. Registration fee RM150. Monthly commitment is RM89.

8. WIFI Hotspot : Can connect up to 10 devices.
It is a go…

How To Check Astro Bill With SMS

To check your astro bill with sms by using either your Account number or your IC number

Type ASTRO BAL AC <Your Account Number> and send to 33310
Example : ASTRO BAL AC 88997754333

Type ASTRO BAL IC <Your IC Number> and send to 33310
Example : ASTRO BAL IC 881112146655

You will get an SMS within 1-2 minutes from 66688 which will state your last payment and current outstanding balance you need to pay.

Request for a reconnection.

If your astro service stopped and you want to reconnect you can also do this with SMS.

ASTRO RCO AC <NoAkaun> and send to 66688 
Example: ASTRO RCO AC 88997754333

If you didn;t get a reconnection after 3 Hours, kindly call ASTRO costumer services for assistance. Phone Number: 03-9543 3838

How To Stop Celcom Mobile Internet Prepaid

If you are using a celcom prepaid, you can subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly broadband internet by dialing *118#. If you want to unsubscribe any internet subscription above, simply type STOP (capital letter) and send to 28882.



send to 28882

This method valid for any prepaid users. Before this, celcom will ask users either to continue or stop their internet subscription before the subscription period end. However now your subscription renewal is automatic and you need to stop the subscription manually otherwise it will continue to subscribe until your are out of credits.
You do not have to worry because celcom will notify you about the automatic renewal with SMS. If you get an error after sending STOP to 28882, just try later and they will notify you with an SMS saying your are no longer subscribed to the any internet plan.