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TM Streamyx RM88 4Mbps Package with Free Tablet

The Streamyx RM88 package actually a promo package which comes with 3 different packages to choose from. The monthly commitment is cheaper compare to the original packages pricing. In addition people who subscribe to this promo package will get a free Tablet.

The original and normal pricing for TM Streamyx Packages are:

However this promo package only provided by certain TM agent, which means you cannot directly apply with TM. The agent also provided with subscription Quota which means it is a limited offer and form what I heard it is limited to 100 subscription per agent.

Where can I locate the Agent?
It is hard to tell, however I found few agents promote this package on their blog and FB pages. The newest was posted on June 2015.

So here what you need to know about this promo package:
No Installation Fee (Normally RM50)No Activation Fee (Save RM75)No Quota (Unlimited , I'm not sure if this packages do have FUP, Fair Usage Policy which means the ISP have the right to capped the sp…

How to unsubscribe viu - Umobile Users

There is an additional of RM10 charged on my Umobile account  for the past 2 month so I decided to check what it was. The details from the bill shows I was charged for Umobile subscription, but somehow when I open Viu, the was no option to Unsubscribe.

After reading a lot of complaints on Twitter, I found a tweet that solved my problem. So here is how to nsubcribe VIU if you are using Umobile.

1. Uninstall VIU from your Smart Phone.
2. Re-install from google play.
3. Disconnect all connection and ONLY USE/OPEN MOBILE DATA.
4. Open VIU.
5. Scroll down until you see MY ACCOUNT.
6. Select MY ACCOUNT and then select UNSUBSCRIBE.

I believe this method works with other telco such as DIGI etc.

Don;t forget the fnal step - Uninstall VIU.

Easiest Trick to Add Space Before Text in Excel

The trick is to combine space character with the cell that you want to add space in front of it. To accomplish this simply use this formula:

Type this formula in new cell:

=" "&A1

Note: " " is space, and A1 is the cell you want to add space in front of it.
Change the A1 with the cell you want to add the space.

2. Now just drag to apply the formula across the column.
3. The new value still a formula, so just copy and paste it as value.

Fix Print Error: undefinedresult Offending Command: xshow

How to fix it in 6 steps: 1. From the Finder, select Go > Go to Folder... 2. In the dialog box, enter: /etc/cups/ppd 3. In the folder that opens, you should see a .ppd file with the name of your printer -- open it in TextEdit (you can do this by dragging the file onto the TextEdit app) 4. Look for the line *TTRasterizer: Type42 5. Change "Type42" to "None" 6. Then Save (you may need to enter an Admin password)

Unlock Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential


How to Fix insufficient permissions to open documents in android

My friend have this problem and I fix it by enabling the App that he uses to open document. The easiest way to fix this right away is to uninstall your current word/document apps, and reinstall it which will fix the permissions by default. Here is how I fix it:

1. Open "setting" then select Apps. You will see all of the apps on your system.
2. Look for the Apps that you use to open the document. In my case it was Google drive reader or something like that (I forgot).
3. Then tap on the apps, then tap on the permission and enable all by moving the slider to the left.

Now you are able to open the document.

4 Steps to Fix Dell Blinking Orange Light

The blinking amber power button or also called Orange Light of Death is a common problem for Dell Desktop. The reason would be the electrical faulty on the Motherboard, front panel or Power supply. However most of the time the trick is to push the black button (of the Power Supply) twice.

4 steps with pictures:

1. Long press the blinking power button of  the front panel until the orange light goes away.

2. Locate the black button (of the power supply on the back panel) and long press until  you see a flashing orange light on the power button. You also could hear the sound of the CPU fan.

3. Release the button, and now long press it again (about 10 seconds).

4. Turn on your computer by pressing the power button and it should work.

4 Easy steps Convert Word to PDF

It is a simple and easy method, and you can use it anytime and it does not require internet connection.

1. Open Word file you want to convert.
3. Click Main Menu and select print.

4. Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the dropdown menu.

5. Select the location you want to save the PDF.