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Mobile Printing : How to Print Directly from Smart Phones or Tablets

It is not difficult to print directly from your smart phone or tablets because the printers manufacture already provide the applications for it. The one time setup process is easy :

1. Turn on Wireless for both Smart Phones or Tablet and Printer.
2. Make sure both connected to the same Wireless network and Turn on printer sharing. You can also connect to the printer directly via wireless or bluetooth if your printer have the feature, such as Hp model which have the "Direct Connect" feature.
3. Download the printer Printing apps base on your Printer model and your smart phone or tablet devices.

 Just search the following application on Google Play for Android Devices and iTunes for Apple Devices:

Printer Brands Application Name Developer Brother Brother Iprint and Scan Brother Industries, Ltd.Cannon Cannon Mobile Printing cannon Inc.Dell Dell Mobile …

Stylish Chrome and Firefox Bookmark without Add-Ons

The picture below shows my Firefox bookmark toolbar with Icon for each website I bookmarked. It is easy to create this iconic-bookmark which is for me the best way on how to bookmark your website on Firefox or Chrome.

What you need to do is:Open Firefox or chrome browser. Right click anywhere below the address bar and select Bookmark toolbar. Now Drag the Icon of any website you want to bookmark into the address tool bar.

You sill see the toolbar will show both Icon and the Website name. Right click on the Icon and select properties. Now Empty the name field and click OK so that the bookmark toolbar will only shows the icon.

Delete the icon and bookmark : Right click on the icon and select delete.

Icon not showing : Check the URL by right click and select properties, make sure the URL is correct.

Cannot Drag the Icon : Some website does not have this feature, so you need to right click on the bookmark toolbar and select New Bookmark and Inset the URL manually. Some website will not sh…

4 Important Blogger Sitemaps for Webmaster Tools

Sitemap is important  to get your blog posts/content indexed in search engine especially Google Search. This will help search engine understand your blog structure, indexed your content every time you post a new content and of course a good SEO for your blog.

It is easy, just log in to webmaster tools - Crawl -Sitemap. Click add/test sitemap button, fill the blank box with the following sitemap code.


Add each one at a time and after adding the sitemap code click submit.  You will need to wait a few minutes for the sitemap to be processed and after that refresh the page.

However, each sitemap above will show 25 or 26 URL Submitted/Indexed, and it means only 26 posts are submitted and indexed. So to make sure all of your content and posts index and visible on Google Search Engine, you need to add a custom atom sitemap.


Note that the sitemap above will submit 1-500 posts, whi…

How to Change Google Search Location

For some reason, sometime Google mistakenly redirect or set your location such as you live in Canada but it tells you you are in UK. Sometimes wrong location could prevent you from using certain iGoogle feature.
You can tell the location base on the URL itself such as: : Google Canada : Global/America : United Kingdom

Now what you have to do is to type in the URL base on your location such as if you live in Canada. If you want to change this permanently, just set the default search preference URL on your browser. 

There are other specific URL that are useful:

Ncr refer to "no country restriction" which is an alternative to and this will always takes you to without redirecting you.

This is a default url when you search using What this trick do is instead of going to hompage which will redirect to a region specif…