How to play and convert m3u8 video file

If you are looking for m3u8 Video player will not be able to get one, because this extension in most cases classified as a Audio File and not a Video File. If you are looking to play the m3u8 audio, you can use Windows media player for Windows and iTunes for Mac. If it is a video you need to convert the file first.

Convert m3u8 file into Mp4
First of all, if the m3u8 file you want to open is a video file, you cannot use software like KMPlayer or VLC to open it. If you do you will only have the audio playing with a blank screen. So first you need to convert it into mp4 file. Here are the steps you need to convert the m3u8 file extension into mp4 Video file:

1. Download and Install format factory which is a free video converter.
2. Now open format factory and drag the m3u8 file into program.
3. After that it will ask which file type you want to convert. Expand the Video and select mp4.
You can use format factory to convert any video/audio file into any format

4. Now click start and wait until finish.

Now, you will have the mp4 file after the conversion and able to play the video file using any supportd Mp4 player such as VLC, Kmplayer and Windows Media Player. Mac Os user would be able to play it using Quick Time player.


  1. Is there any software for m3u8 to mp4 conversion??

  2. I use Allavsoft to direclty download m3u8 files to MP4, MOV etc
    Here is the easy guide


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