4 Steps to Fix Dell Blinking Orange Light

The blinking amber power button or also called Orange Light of Death is a common problem for Dell Desktop. The reason would be the electrical faulty on the Motherboard, front panel or Power supply. However most of the time the trick is to push the black button (of the Power Supply) twice.

4 steps with pictures:

1. Long press the blinking power button of  the front panel until the orange light goes away.

2. Locate the black button (of the power supply on the back panel) and long press until  you see a flashing orange light on the power button. You also could hear the sound of the CPU fan.

3. Release the button, and now long press it again (about 10 seconds).

4. Turn on your computer by pressing the power button and it should work.


  1. We had left our computer on during vacation, forgetting about a scheduled power outage (repairs) during our absence. Upon our return, the computer Dell XPS 8910 wouldn't boot past the big round 'Dell' symbol. I tried several 'fixes', but nothing was working. Finally I saw a comment on someone's post on some site talking about 'switching off the power supply' after unplugging it... , so I checked to see if our unit had that switch. Nope, no switch - but I did find the little black button. A few tries with power cord plugged in and not, brought me to the point of plugged in, press the black button and hear the fans roar and seeing the front power button light up - then I tried the power button again and Viola! The system came back to normal!

    Thanks for the information!!


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