How to Fix Common Astro Remote Problems

Without astro remote, our decoder just like a non-functional decoder. Latest decoder such as beyond have no button at all (only power button..sigh) compare to old decoder which have some handy buttons. There are actually some trick you can do fix your remote:

Volume and Mute Button Not Working.
We get this a lot, whenever we press the Volume or the mute button it does not work. Actually it is simple to fix it, press the volume up (+) button together with the big OK button until LED indicator blink twice. Now your volume and mute button should work.

In case it volume up did not work, try with the volume down (-) button.

All button Not working Properly
First of all this normally caused by weak battery. If you are lazy to buy one, remove the battery and smash it a little bit with hard stuff. Normally I just bite it with my teeth. the good advice would be buy a good battery and prepare additional battery.

Reset your Remote
Reset is handy trick to overcome any problem with our remote.
1. We need to enter edit mode. To do this press power button together with OK until remote indicator light blink twice.
2. Enter 4 digit TV Codes (Refer below)
3. To reset, enter Edit Mode (1) and press 977

RED/PINK Mute Comes Up on the screen
For this kind of problem, just switch off decoder (turn off the power source,or unplug the power chord), then restart the decoder. You might need to turn off the TV in case turning off decoder does not work.

Remote Replacement 
If you want the original, you must buy it from Astro service Center. I found some website like sell the original. Having a small kids is not easy, so I get a new remote from DIY for RM8 and works just fine. What model number, well I don't know about that because I just look at the button arrangement with the most similarities to the original one.


  1. Thanks for your guidance. Volume and mute button failed to function perfectly. Was contemplating on getting a new remote control until i found your site.

    One comment though; volume Up did not work for me - i tried volume Down and it worked. Just sharing. Thanks again!! :)

  2. Hey thnks!i was stucked when the pink mute button appear..this guide totally solves it

  3. You're my saviour. Tried the volume down button too and it worked. Thanks a lot

  4. thanks for this helping good info for share the pink mute show up on my tv screen do know how to do tq so much

    1. it also indicates you need to replace your battery =)

  5. Hi. How can i reset back the astro remote. I dont want to use astro remote to control my tv volume/mute function. Thanks

  6. ╔╦╦╦═╦╦╦╗╔╦╦╗ ║║║║║║║║║║║║║ ║║║║║║║║║╠╬╬╣ ╚══╩═╩══╝╚╩╩╝..

  7. Vol up n's worked. ....i tried to get it done from YouTube but non of them....
    Tq bro

  8. My volume problem solved!!!..big thanks bro!

  9. My remote led blink so many times when I change channels or adjust volume.. I just click once but it will blink many times.. Any solution to stop it?

    1. Hi there,
      1.Let's start with basic check up, try to replace current battery with a new battery.
      2. Then try to reset your remote.
      3. Next you could try to reboot your decoder (Long hours of usage could cause IR interference)
      4. Finally, if still persist you need to call Astro for a new remote.
      (if you know how to disassemble the remote, try to open it up and clean the electronic parts with eraser, then with a dry cloth).

  10. Hi.. thanks tunjuk ajar.. sangat2 membantu.. moga Allah permudahkan pula urusan kamu.. 👍

  11. hi my remote doesnt function at all. it responded to the tv but not to the astro itself. i cant simply change the channel by clicking “411” anymore. i have to click the “tv” button then enter the channel number and click “ok” please help


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