YES Unlimited Broadband - No Quota

Yes introduce the YES Unlimited FIZ Service Plan. So here what you need to know about this plan:

1. It is a Wireless Connection means no wire or cable needed like fiber optic Internet or Streamyx packages. Just Plug and play.

2. Maximum Download Speed 1Mbps and Max upload speed is 384kbps.

3. Fixed IP adress means you can't use it outside your registered address. Example, If you are using it in Johor and want to move to Kedah, you are required to inform Yes Care at 018-333 0000 on the change of address.

4. Currently the Quota is unlimited, but YES already amke tis clear on FIZ Unlimited FAQ:

At the moment, this plan comes with unlimited data. However, Yes reserves the rights to cap the data quota at 30 GB with prior notice to subscribers. 
5.  No P2P, means no torrent and no voice call.

6. Contract 2 years. termination before the contract period end will be charges.

7. Registration fee RM150. Monthly commitment is RM89.

8. WIFI Hotspot : Can connect up to 10 devices.

It is a good choice for those who doesn't have streamyx coverage on their area and prefer to use internet at home.

Currently yes only have one competition in terms of Wireless Unlimited Internet Services which is P1 Wimax(Packet 1) . Base on the pricing, Yes FIZ Unlimited is way cheaper with the same download speed.

 However, with P1 you can use it anywhere with To Go plan (Same pricing and feature as above).


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