How To Stop Celcom Mobile Internet Prepaid

If you are using a celcom prepaid, you can subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly broadband internet by dialing *118#. If you want to unsubscribe any internet subscription above, simply type STOP (capital letter) and send to 28882.



send to 28882

This method valid for any prepaid users. Before this, celcom will ask users either to continue or stop their internet subscription before the subscription period end. However now your subscription renewal is automatic and you need to stop the subscription manually otherwise it will continue to subscribe until your are out of credits.
You do not have to worry because celcom will notify you about the automatic renewal with SMS. If you get an error after sending STOP to 28882, just try later and they will notify you with an SMS saying your are no longer subscribed to the any internet plan.


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    1. Macam saya ..saya guja internet plans yg daily pun...dia stop sendiri atau saya perlu
      Messages 28882 ...tapi bila kita nak messages 28882 tu dia kata messages akan di cas

  2. Thank you... This is what I'm looking for. It's help a lot..

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  4. urrgh burned rm5 for stupid celcom auto renewal system. if i wanna go 2 days for rm10 i might as well get the weekly one. No construction on how to stop the auto renewal too or any confirmation if we want to renew the internet plan. stupid stupid stupid this auto renewal system i tell u! -feeling iritated

  5. Er, mine is a sony xperia z, and i cant send the message to 28882, it says "could not send"
    Is there any way to unsubscribe?

    1. Hi, here is step by step method you can do to resolve your problem:

      Check your prepaid balance and validity (if you're prepaid user)
      Ensure that the SMS Centre Number is +60193900000
      Check your SMS inbox. It may be full & you may need to delete some of the messages
      Insert your SIM Card in another phone and try to send an SMS

  6. Thanks. Actually this type of auto renewal is a way to cheat customers. I didn't even know it is auto renewal when suddenly i check my balance was deducted by RM10 (i subscribed to this a week ago). It should NOT be auto renewal. Stop tricking users into automatically spending money, Celcom. If you know what's right, you would not do this.

  7. How to off auto renewal in sms only? Coz i cant turn off in xpax apps. Tnx

  8. I am a senior citizen, 77 y.o. never use Celcom Internet plan. Yesterday they sms me to cancel dial *118*2*9*1#. I did as followed but today they deducted RM10. Now you ask me to send STOP to 28882. Again they reply "Sorry, we're unable to process your request as you have not subscribed to an Internet plan.

  9. Hi! Yes, I did send STOP to 28882 but again I received a message, Sorry, we're unable to process your request as you have not subscribed to an Internet plan. I received the same message even when I tried to stop auto renewal from *118# menu..


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