How To Transfer Files between Computer and Dongle

Dongle are fairly famous nowadays especially if you subscribe for a Wireless Broadband. Broadband Internet Plan comes with a free Modem (dongle) which actually capable to store your files. So basically you can transfer any files between your dongle and your computer depends on your dongle storage capacity. The process is simple, just think of your dongle as a pendrive (USB storage) and that is it.

There are many types of dongle, such as SD card reader, Wireless Modem, Mifi, Digital camera. A dongle basically a small devices that attach to your computer or electronic device to enable additional function. Most dongle do have internal storage and some of them require external storage such as SD card reader.
Let's look at an example on how to transfer files using my Broadband Dongle (Huawei MF190).

1. Plug the USB Dongle and your computer will automatically detect the device.
2. Open my Computer and you will see the dongle icon appear under the removable storage section.
3. Now, if we double click on the dongle it will run the program. So you need to right click and select open in new window.
The dongle icon varies base on your device

4. Now just copy any file you want paste it inside the folder.

Internal and External Storage

If your dongle do have external storage slot like my MF190, you will be able to insert a micro SD card reader as an additional storage. The difference between external storage and internal storage are:
-Internal storage capacity is lower than external storage.
-With external storage, you can transfer file by right click and select send to drive "K" (example).
-Internal storage for Broadband Dongle normally  built to store the device firmware.
-If your internal storage is full, you can delete any documents such as readme file.

The Dongle Transfer Speed

Most USB dongle support USB 2.0 port, and I never came across any dongle that support USB 3.0. So the transfer speed theoretically is similar to a pen-drive. However, using my mf190 dongle, the transfer speed was slower than a pendrive but faster than a smart phone.

Dongle is a plug and play device, so you will not have problem unless your computer does not recognize your dongle. In that case, try with other USB port and if you are using a desktop, USB at the back panel is better than the front. I love this feature since I don;t have to bring 2 devices, but one device for internet and my external USB storage.


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