Stylish Chrome and Firefox Bookmark without Add-Ons

The picture below shows my Firefox bookmark toolbar with Icon for each website I bookmarked. It is easy to create this iconic-bookmark which is for me the best way on how to bookmark your website on Firefox or Chrome.

What you need to do is:Open Firefox or chrome browser. Right click anywhere below the address bar and select Bookmark toolbar. Now Drag the Icon of any website you want to bookmark into the address tool bar.

You sill see the toolbar will show both Icon and the Website name. Right click on the Icon and select properties. Now Empty the name field and click OK so that the bookmark toolbar will only shows the icon.

Delete the icon and bookmark : Right click on the icon and select delete.

Icon not showing : Check the URL by right click and select properties, make sure the URL is correct.

Cannot Drag the Icon : Some website does not have this feature, so you need to right click on the bookmark toolbar and select New Bookmark and Inset the URL manually. Some website will not show icon.

Icon is showing but when click on it only showing logo : Check the URL.

Move the icon/arrange icon order : drag and move right to left to change bookmark icon position.


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