How to check Maxis Data usage

Maxis is one of the main Wireless Broadband Service Provider (ISP) in Malaysia. Each plan varies each other with different monthly data allocation. If you are a subscriber, you can check your data usage from time to time by:

1. MI Check Subscription Page (require internet connection)
MI subscription page is a portal where you can check your data usage by internet. Copy and paste or just click the following URL to check your data Usage:

The message will give you the following information :
Subscribed Plan: Monthly 4GB plan.
Your quota is: 4,096.0MB.
Current usage: 0.000MB.
Balance: 4,096.0MB.
Your plan will be renewed on: 00:00:00 24-10-2014.

2. Using MI Code (without Internet connection)
Dial *1007*1# and then choose check status option to view the usage details. You will see a message like this:
"Thank you for using Maxis backup service, trial period is expiring 1 day time, rm 2 will be charged to renew your subscription."


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