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How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

This method will convert your invalid dynamic disk into basic disk without losing any data and recover all files on your hard disk.

1. Download TestDisk ,  install and run the program.

2. Select Create (Use your keyboard arrow key to select)

3. Select the hard drive you want to change to basic disk and select proceed and press enter.
4. Then select the OS/System menu base on your system. (example Intel/PC)

5. Select Analyse

6. Select backup, then select proceed.
7. Now you will see your partition listed. Select the partition and press C to copy. You can copy and backup the files into any storage on your computer such as external Hard Disk or Thumb Drive.

8. Now select Write the press Y on your keyboard to confirm.

9. Reboot and now you will be able to use your disk again.

How to Fix Hard Disk Not Showing in Disk Management

Disk Management is a default Utilities to check your computer internal and external storage. You can also use it to format, create, delete partition and resize your partition. If your computer does not recognize a new hard disk - external or internal hard disk, you just need to open disk management and assign the volume letter for it. However if your hard disk not showing up in disk management you need to re-format the Hard Disk.

The problem is how to format it if it does not shows up in disk management?

1. Before we start make sure your Hard Disk cable (Sata/IDE) it is tight and connected properly.
2. Make sure the Hard Disk detected in BIOS.
3. There are 2 ways to format it, first by installing Ubuntu (or other linux distribution).
-Boot to linux/ubuntu and reformat your HDD


4. Get an External Hard Disk Casing (It is cheap, around USD10).
5. Make your Hard Disk as external and reformat it.

There are another way to fix this however it is depend on your situation. If you have a seco…