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How to Check Your Maxis Bill Fast and Easy

You don't have to have a launchpad or register with maxis to view your current bill. Actually you just need to go to maxis mobile site and view your current bill. The website will detect your account base on your sim card you are using to connect to the internet. So what you need to do is plug in your  maxis broadband or turn on data on your mobile phone. Then go to this site (if using phone does not work, open the link using your laptop).

You can simply click on the link above to view your current outstanding balance. It will list the following information.

Total payable : (What you need to pay)
Current bill :
Balance f/d (overdue) :
Unbilled amount :

However it will not show your account number or when you need to pay the bill.  This website is easier to use with simple interface. This is a good way to track your current bill so that if you see suspicious amount on your bill you can contact maxis right away.
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How to Fix Windows AERO stopped Working

AERO gives your desktop a transparency or glass look which something everyone want to have on their windows Vista or Windows 7. If you AERO stopped working it is due to several reasons and each of them requires different method to fix. here I will list out what you can do to fix it.

1. Restart the Theme and AERO services.
Click start and type SERVICES.MSC on the search box, and then press enter.
Look for Desktop Windows Session Manager - Right click and select properties
Click stop and then click start, on startup type select automatic.
Now look again for THEME and do the same thing - stop, start and set to automatic.

Make sure to click apply to make the changes.

2. Uninstall recently installed updates
Windows updates is one of the culprit, if your Aero stopped working after Windows automatic updates installation, uninstall the updates. For example one of the updates that cause this is KB2670838 (Platform Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2)
To do this go to Control Panel - …


If you subscribe to any DIGI internet plan, you will notice it will automatically renew your packages until you are out of credit, and you reload it will deduct your credit again to renew the package. Here is the trick how to stop DIGI internet plan (daily, weekly and monthly plan) for any DIGI prepaid Internet plan:

1. Dial " *116*1#
2. Now select your subscribed Internet plan.

For example press 2 if you are subscribed to weekly RM5.

3. Now press 1 to unsubscribe and then press 1 again for confirmation.

Finally DIGI will send you an SMS saying that your subscription has ended. Now your prepaid credit is safe =)