How to Change Google Search Location

For some reason, sometime Google mistakenly redirect or set your location such as you live in Canada but it tells you you are in UK. Sometimes wrong location could prevent you from using certain iGoogle feature.
You can tell the location base on the URL itself such as: : Google Canada : Global/America : United Kingdom

Now what you have to do is to type in the URL base on your location such as if you live in Canada. If you want to change this permanently, just set the default search preference URL on your browser. 

There are other specific URL that are useful:

Ncr refer to "no country restriction" which is an alternative to and this will always takes you to without redirecting you.

This is a default url when you search using What this trick do is instead of going to hompage which will redirect to a region specific search, it will directly open a search result from which prevent redirect.


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