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The dependency service or group failed to start

You are able to connect but you get the message limited or no internet connectivity. To solve this to need to reset winshock and TCP/IP:

1. Open command prompt as administrator : Click start, type cmd , right click and select run as administrator.

2. Reset Winshock Entries : Type the following command in the command prompt and press enter.

netsh winsock reset catalog 

3. Reboot your computer. Now open command prompt as admin again. Type the following command and press enter.

netsh int ip reset reset.log hit 

4. Now reboot again and you will no longer see limited connection.

How to add Table into Blog Post in 3 Steps

It is easy to add table into your blog post without any coding or complicated stuff. You can do this in 3 steps.

1. First create a table using Microsoft word, or excel or any word software of your choice.

2. Copy your table and convert into html by using Online word to html converter. My favorite converter site is

3.  After that you will get the plain HTML code. Now paste the HTML code into your blog post and you are set.

Table Style and Color :
To add color for any columns or rows, customize it in Microsoft word before conversion.

How To Transfer Files between Computer and Dongle

Dongle are fairly famous nowadays especially if you subscribe for a Wireless Broadband. Broadband Internet Plan comes with a free Modem (dongle) which actually capable to store your files. So basically you can transfer any files between your dongle and your computer depends on your dongle storage capacity. The process is simple, just think of your dongle as a pendrive (USB storage) and that is it.

There are many types of dongle, such as SD card reader, Wireless Modem, Mifi, Digital camera. A dongle basically a small devices that attach to your computer or electronic device to enable additional function. Most dongle do have internal storage and some of them require external storage such as SD card reader.

Let's look at an example on how to transfer files using my Broadband Dongle (Huawei MF190).

1. Plug the USB Dongle and your computer will automatically detect the device.
2. Open my Computer and you will see the dongle icon appear under the removable storage section.
3. …

Mobile Printing : How to Print Directly from Smart Phones or Tablets

It is not difficult to print directly from your smart phone or tablets because the printers manufacture already provide the applications for it. The one time setup process is easy :

1. Turn on Wireless for both Smart Phones or Tablet and Printer.
2. Make sure both connected to the same Wireless network and Turn on printer sharing. You can also connect to the printer directly via wireless or bluetooth if your printer have the feature, such as Hp model which have the "Direct Connect" feature.
3. Download the printer Printing apps base on your Printer model and your smart phone or tablet devices.

 Just search the following application on Google Play for Android Devices and iTunes for Apple Devices:

Printer Brands Application Name Developer Brother Brother Iprint and Scan Brother Industries, Ltd.Cannon Cannon Mobile Printing cannon Inc.Dell Dell Mobile …

Stylish Chrome and Firefox Bookmark without Add-Ons

The picture below shows my Firefox bookmark toolbar with Icon for each website I bookmarked. It is easy to create this iconic-bookmark which is for me the best way on how to bookmark your website on Firefox or Chrome.

What you need to do is:Open Firefox or chrome browser. Right click anywhere below the address bar and select Bookmark toolbar. Now Drag the Icon of any website you want to bookmark into the address tool bar.

You sill see the toolbar will show both Icon and the Website name. Right click on the Icon and select properties. Now Empty the name field and click OK so that the bookmark toolbar will only shows the icon.

Delete the icon and bookmark : Right click on the icon and select delete.

Icon not showing : Check the URL by right click and select properties, make sure the URL is correct.

Cannot Drag the Icon : Some website does not have this feature, so you need to right click on the bookmark toolbar and select New Bookmark and Inset the URL manually. Some website will not sh…

4 Important Blogger Sitemaps for Webmaster Tools

Sitemap is important  to get your blog posts/content indexed in search engine especially Google Search. This will help search engine understand your blog structure, indexed your content every time you post a new content and of course a good SEO for your blog.

It is easy, just log in to webmaster tools - Crawl -Sitemap. Click add/test sitemap button, fill the blank box with the following sitemap code.


Add each one at a time and after adding the sitemap code click submit.  You will need to wait a few minutes for the sitemap to be processed and after that refresh the page.

However, each sitemap above will show 25 or 26 URL Submitted/Indexed, and it means only 26 posts are submitted and indexed. So to make sure all of your content and posts index and visible on Google Search Engine, you need to add a custom atom sitemap.


Note that the sitemap above will submit 1-500 posts, whi…

How to Change Google Search Location

For some reason, sometime Google mistakenly redirect or set your location such as you live in Canada but it tells you you are in UK. Sometimes wrong location could prevent you from using certain iGoogle feature.
You can tell the location base on the URL itself such as: : Google Canada : Global/America : United Kingdom

Now what you have to do is to type in the URL base on your location such as if you live in Canada. If you want to change this permanently, just set the default search preference URL on your browser. 

There are other specific URL that are useful:

Ncr refer to "no country restriction" which is an alternative to and this will always takes you to without redirecting you.

This is a default url when you search using What this trick do is instead of going to hompage which will redirect to a region specif…

Windows 10 ISO Technical Preview is Now Available

If you are looking to see what the new Windows 10 has to offer, you can download the technical review ISO file which available on Microsoft Website:

 What you need to know before Installing Windows 10:

1. A technical preview simply is an unfinished project, which released to gain feedback from users.

2. It is for you if you know how to back up your data, installing windows from scratch, work with hard drive partition and troubleshooting problems.

3. It is better to install on a secondary computer, not you main or everyday computer. Do expect crashes and bugs, this is normal for technical preview release.

4. Mouse, keyboard and touch should work properly but touch screen user are expected to have few problems when interact with Windows and Apps.

5. Make sure you know how to work with ISO file, and how to burn disc image, or how to use disk image to create a bootable USB or DISC.

Run Two or Multiple Operating System at the Same Time

It is not impossible to run 2 or more operating system at the same time by just using one computer. This can be done on any computer which have the Virtualization Technology. Most current computers and laptops support this option and you can check if your computer support Virtualization Technology by using Microsoft Detection Tools.
This technology allow you to install any operating system and run multiple operating system at once by using Virtual Box. I use Virtual Box to run Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista, Mac OS - Lion, Linux Mint, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Pearlinux and currently I'm waiting to install Windows 10 because Microsoft skip Windows 9.

For this tutorial we will install Ubuntu inside windows 7 by using Oracle VM Virtual Box.

STEP 1 : Install Virtual Box which can be downloaded from here: Select the installer base on your current operating system.

STEP 2 :You need to download the ISO file for the operating syst…

Firefox - How to Turn Off/Disable Spell Check

Spell check could be annoying if you are using a lot of abbreviation, short hand writing style, or writing a specific terms which is not recognize by the dictionary. Spell check by default is enable, so whenever you are typing email, Facebook status or new tweets it will check your spelling and underline wrong spelling with a red line. If you are using Firefox here is a simple step to turn it off or on.

1. Click Firefox Button and select option.

2. Click advance and uncheck the box which say "check my spelling as I type".

 3. Click OK to apply this setting.

This option will permanently disable spell check until you re-activate it back again by using the same method. 

There is another way to do this and it is by changing Firefox configuration. Keep in mind that the first method I mentioned above is the best way to do this. Changing your Firefox configuration (advance setting) can be harmful to the stability, security, and performance of Firefox. Type "About:Config"…

How to check Maxis Data usage

Maxis is one of the main Wireless Broadband Service Provider (ISP) in Malaysia. Each plan varies each other with different monthly data allocation. If you are a subscriber, you can check your data usage from time to time by:

1. MI Check Subscription Page (require internet connection)
MI subscription page is a portal where you can check your data usage by internet. Copy and paste or just click the following URL to check your data Usage:

The message will give you the following information :
Subscribed Plan: Monthly 4GB plan.
Your quota is: 4,096.0MB.
Current usage: 0.000MB.
Balance: 4,096.0MB.
Your plan will be renewed on: 00:00:00 24-10-2014.

2. Using MI Code (without Internet connection)
Dial *1007*1# and then choose check status option to view the usage details. You will see a message like this:
"Thank you for using Maxis backup service, trial period is expiring 1 day time, rm 2 will be charged to renew your subscript…

Fix iCloud account disabled for security reasons

iCloud is one of the services that notify you whenever your Apple ID has been disabled or locked. You might get the same alert whenever you try to use other apps or services (Itunes,MobileMe etc) that requires Apple ID. If you were about to buy a used Iphone or any Apple product from e-Bay or Amazon, make sure to ask about this. But now let's get your iCloud back.

What you need to do is to reset your account and restore access to the disabled services. use iForgot  - , remember for iCloud user you need to type full email address  in the apple ID form.

Your Id is disable due to security reason and for your own protection, if you incorrectly entered your password many times you will get one of this alert. There are other reason such as the phone is reported stolen or lost or the previous owner forgot their log in to iCloud.
This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasonsToo many attempted sign insYou can't sign in because your account was disabled for secu…

How to play and convert m3u8 video file

If you are looking for m3u8 Video player will not be able to get one, because this extension in most cases classified as a Audio File and not a Video File. If you are looking to play the m3u8 audio, you can use Windows media player for Windows and iTunes for Mac. If it is a video you need to convert the file first.

Convert m3u8 file into Mp4
First of all, if the m3u8 file you want to open is a video file, you cannot use software like KMPlayer or VLC to open it. If you do you will only have the audio playing with a blank screen. So first you need to convert it into mp4 file. Here are the steps you need to convert the m3u8 file extension into mp4 Video file:

1. Download and Install format factory which is a free video converter.
2. Now open format factory and drag the m3u8 file into program.
3. After that it will ask which file type you want to convert. Expand the Video and select mp4.

4. Now click start and wait until finish.

Now, you will have the mp4 file after the conversion and abl…

Reading photoshop format takes too long Solution

There are several factor that make Photoshop takes a very long time to open your PSD or any other related files. Sometime your Photohshop will not responding, hang or freeze. This problem not only occur for a low spec PC but also could happen to a high end PC.

What you need to do is to change your printer preferences.
Use local printer as a default printer, and do not use a network printer. Beside that you can also delete your network printer instead of setting the local printer as default.

Re-install and Update Your Printer.
Sometimes the problem is your printer software is outdated and need to be updated with the latest software. Your printer driver could be corrupted so re-installing could help to solve the problem.

Fix corrupted PSD file
Download the recovery tool from here for both windows and Mac OS:
This plugin lets you grab image layers from any PSD/PSB file. It's faster than opening the whole PSD in Photoshop, if you just…

Volume shadow Copy Service used by system restore is not working

If you are having trouble when trying to make a system restore or to create a restore point, and that problem is "Volume shadow Copy Service used by system restore is not working" with event log (the error code display in bracket. There are 2 Method you can use to solve the problems:

Method 1 : Set the following component as automatic
Volume shadow copy Multimedia Class Scheduler Remote Procedure Call (RPC) DCOM Server Process Launcher - Plug and Play.  Instruction:
Click the Start button, and in the search box type in: Services.Press 'Enter' to open Services window.Find related services that are listed above, and check the Status (started) and Startup Type (automatic).Double click the service to change the status to started and set startup type to Automatic.
Method 2 :  Check Corrupted files using System File Checker Scan(SFC). 
System File Checker is a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files…

How to Install and Fix Teredo Tunneling Adapter

What is Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter? It function as an interpreter for IPv4 and IPv6. Every device that connected to the internet is assigned an IP address mostly IPv4. Due to heavy internet usage and increasing internet users, IPv6 was introduce in the 90s because it is most likely IPv4 address will be fully occupied. IPv4 and IPv6 are not directly interoperable, in a simple word they cannot directly communicate with each other, so Teredo Tunneling Adapter simply work as an interpreter for IPv4 and IPv6.This article will cover only Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to Install/Re-Install Microsoft Teredo Networking Adapter
You don;t have to download the Teredo tunneling adapter driver since it is already available on your system. Just follow this step to install it.

1. Open device manager and click on action, select add legacy hardware.

2. Welcome to the add hardware Wizard - Click next .
3. Search for install the hardware automatically - Click Next.
4. The Wizard could not Find fin…

How to enable hardware virtualization in bios

You can enable and disable hardware virtualization by change your BIOS setting. Here is a simple explanation on how to enable hardware virtualization for both Intel virtualization Technology (vt,vt-x) and AMD Virtualization (AMD-v).

1. Make sure your system support virtualization technology. You can use Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool if your processor support virtualization. You can also use securable and this program does not require any installation, just download and run the program.

2. Power on your PC and enter BIOS setting. I use Gigabyte motherboard so Upon power on, I just press DEL (delete) button to enter BIOS. Depend on your motherboard, you may need to press different key to enter BIOS such as F2 and F6(notebook).

3. Now locate the BIOS feature or BIOS setting , from here you will see the option to enable and disable your BIOS setting. On my Gigabytes BIOS, the virtualization is located in the advance BIOS features.

4. Now to enable this setting …